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No question is more common to survivors of disaster than this.  "Why?"  And, devoutly religious or not, the one who cries out this question is expressing the deepest spiritual question of all.


Disaster rips the fabric of one’s assumptions about life, security, hope, and, yes, about death.  

Disaster Spiritual Care seeks to assist an individual, family or community to draw upon their own spiritual perspective as a source of strength, hope and healing.  Disaster Spiritual Care seeks to nurture the human spirit and open the pathway to hope.


The Keystone Disaster Spiritual Care Network (KDSCN) is "friends and neighbors helping friends and neighbors" durng what may well be the toughest time in their lives.  Our Spiritual Care Providers are well trained and credentialed men and women of all faiths who give of themselves to attend to the well-being of others following a natural disaster or an act of terror.


The Network is a new service in Pennsylvania that seeks to have high quality spiritual care available to all residents of the Commonwealth when they experience a disaster.  Offered by the Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Crisis Response Advisory Consortium, PDSCN will offer our friends and neighbors the support and care they so desperately need.  We were incorporated as a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation in February of 2017.


If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, the time is now!  Check our training schedule.  Just click on the "What kind of training" link below to learn more.  Or, if you'd like to go straight to the registration page, just click "Register."


Our new name!  We are now incorporated!  
Former name was Pennsylvania Disaster Spiritual Care Network

The Keystone Disaster Spiritual Care Network

What are the standards for providing spiritual care. Click here to see the criteria for credentialing of KDSCN Spiritual Care Providers.  Here you can also read the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Spiritual Care Points of Consensus to which KDSCN is committed.

Where did KDSCN come from and what is its purpose? Who sponsors it?



What kind of training do I need,when can I get it and how much will it cost?